The main topic of my Ph.D. is automated microscopy and the analysis of high content screening (HCS) datasets. This research aims at efficient data management in high throughput processes for drug discovery, functional genomics and other life science domains. In other words; the speed, effectiveness and accessibility of data analysis using advanced data-mining techniques and improving the interoperability to external knowledge-bases and ontologies.

A focus of my research is optimizing the analysis of high content data by the implementation of decision support systems (DSS), parallel computing and high performance computing (HPC) to apply supervised and unsupervised techniques and ultimately let the researcher analyze his/her own data.

My research areas of interest include data-mining/cloud computing/big data analytics, supervised/unsupervised techniques, HPC, DSS, sematic web technologies, and usability.

Promotores:          prof. dr. Judith Klumperman and prof. dr. Sjaak Brinkkemper
Co-promotores:   dr. David Egan and dr. Marco Spruit